This will be our first meeting as a Registered Charity and, because of the coronavirus restrictions, it is our first ever virtual AGM.

Monday 20 July 6.00 pm on Zoom. Please email for invitation –

Here are the papers for the AGM. Please read them beforehand if you intend to be present.

1 Minutes of last AGM
2 Annual Report
3 Financial Report
4 Nominated Trustees for election
5 Objects of Charity

1 Minutes of last AGM

Annual General Meeting of North Midlands LGBT Older People’s Group

Hanley Community Fire Station

Monday 17 June 2019


  1. Apologies: Paul
  2. Minutes of last AGM – accepted as correct
  3. Accepted unanimously that the current stated purposes of group continue to be relevant
  4. Annual report – summarised by Chair – accepted
  5. Financial report – accepted. Comment by Alan that insurance should be a separate item in line with previous years
  6. Trustees: AB, DL, MG, PS, SM elected en bloc
  7. Chair thanked Committee members for their work and support throughout the year, including Mike who has stepped down for health reasons. John was thanked for his steadfast, reliability as a stalwart volunteer.  

2 Annual Report

Annual Report 2019 -2020

This year the group has witnessed unprecedented circumstances: it a is clearly a sign of strength and flexibility that when coronavirus restrictions prevented the group meeting monthly, members met more frequently each week online.

In addition to regular monthly meetings, group members participated in the OLGBT Wellbeing Project funded by the Peoples Health Trust with Health Lottery money raised in the West Midlands. Creative workshops and outings gave members new skills and experiences whilst at the same time allowed the development of new friendships and the building of closer support networks. The Project was successfully completed in September with all of its objectives achieved.

The project brought us into contact with inspirational people and helped us create stronger links with the social and cultural life of the local community. In addition, the group’s profile has been raised and its reputation enhanced. Items made in ceramics workshops were included in the British Ceramics Biennial at Spode Works Stoke. We even had a group of students from Keele University filming us at work.

In December, the group became a registered charity: Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) 1186844

Further evidence of the group’s reputation might be seen from outside requests. Our Chairperson was invited to give a keynote speech at the Take Pride in Ageing Conference 2019 at Chester Town Hall in October. In February 2020, Maurice was also invited to speak at the first LGBT Conference organised by the NHS North Staffs Combined Healthcare Trust.

Allsorts of Love – LGBTQ Conference Bridge Centre Stoke on Trent

Stoke Pride 2019 has received loyal support from the group at every Pride event since the group was founded in December 2009. Even with the cancellation of all Prides this year, the group has contributed to a Virtual Pride 2020.

Lockdown has prevented the group from celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Plans for a live event involving B-Arts, The Cultural Sisters and the New Vic Theatre had to be shelved. However, a small Stoke City Council grant allocated through Councillor Desiree Elliott will help us to hold a celebration when it is safe to do so. 

In these trying times, the North Midlands LGBT Older Peoples Group is grateful for the support of its trustees, members and supporters throughout this past year, and has every confidence that with goodwill and determination we will together face whatever challenges lie ahead.

3 Financial Report

4 Election of Trustees

To comply with Charity Commission rules, at the first Annual General Meeting of the new CIO all trustees must stand down.

Current trustees willing to serve on the Board of the new charity are nominated below

Angela Boote
Maurice Greenham
Dennis Layton
Stephen Malkin
Paul Segynowycz

New trustee nomination John Miller

5 New Constitution Charity Objects

The object of the CIO is the promotion of social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people who are socially excluded on the grounds of their gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation (in particular lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people) to meet the needs of such people and assist them to fully participate in society, in particular by:

(a) providing a local network group that encourages and enables LGBT people to participate more effectively with the wider community; and

(b) increasing, or co-ordinating, opportunities for LGBT people to engage with service providers, to enable those providers to adapt services to better meet the needs of those people.