Deborah Rogers of The Cultural Sisters was commissioned by B-Arts to evaluate their work in a creative way. As a benficiary of B-Arts over the past few years, the OLGBT Group was pleased to engage with Deborah in her stimulating project involving the creation of ‘evaluation mandalas’.

In Februrary 2020, a small working group created rubber stamps which represented 21 statements posed by B-Arts. Our March 2020 meeting was devoted to using these stamps to create mandalas that indicated the impact of B-Arts on each person.

Below are the statements with the stamps that represent them followed by a gallery of the mandalas. It is worth pointing out that no individual used stamp 1.



Group Evaluation

Two new members missed taking part in the OLGBT Wellbeing Project in which B-Arts played a key role. However, they used the same tools to make mandalas to record the impact the group had made on their own lives over a period of around 8 months.