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Volunteering Policy


Volunteering is a great way to get involved, gain experience and meet new people. At the North Midlands LGBT Older People’s Group (OLGBT GROUP), we have a wide range of opportunities and an ever-changing list of projects, activities, events and roles to choose from. As a volunteer you decide on the commitment and type of role that’s right for you.

A volunteering policy is the framework for a volunteer’s involvement in the OLGBT GROUP, this document defines the role of volunteers within the OLGBT GROUP, how volunteers can expect to be treated and the OLGBT GROUP’s expectations of volunteers.

The Website provides details on the specific procedures related to volunteering with the OLGBT GROUP. Volunteers can play a vital role in helping the OLGBT GROUP to achieve its aims. As a small group it does not have the geographic reach to communicate our important message across the UK but volunteers can help us within their local communities. Volunteering can take many forms. Most commonly volunteers are helping raise awareness of the OLGBT GROUP and its projects. All volunteers will be provided with a role profile which outlines the purpose, tasks and commitment expectations of the role. In return it is hoped that volunteers will enjoy volunteering with us, meet like minded people and develop new skills.


We will recruit for volunteers as the need arises within the organisation to support the work we are undertaking. For each new role a role profile will be developed which provides specific details on the role, including tasks, skills required, time commitment and training and support. We will use appropriate means to advertise for volunteers locally and on our website taking into account the principles of our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policies.

Out of pocket expenses

If volunteers are requested by OLGBT GROUP staff to attend events on behalf of OLGBT GROUP, volunteers may claim reasonable expenses for pre-agreed travel and materials. All expenses must be agreed with the main OLGBT GROUP contact prior to the date of expenditure. An expense claim form must be completed and must include receipts for all claims, or if mileage is being claimed the start and end postcodes must be provided. Due to limited resources, if volunteers wish to claim expenses for events organised themselves, this must be discussed with the OLGBT GROUP contact in advance of arranging the event. Insurance and Health and Safety Registered volunteers are covered by OLGBT GROUP’s insurance whilst they are engaged in activities alongside OLGBT GROUP members. Any incidents that occur during the volunteering activity should be reported to the OLGBT GROUP in the Accident Reporting Book within one week of the incident taking place. In instances where a volunteer has suffered injury due to explicitly ignoring safety advice given by the OLGBT GROUP or through unreasonable behaviour, the OLGBT GROUP will not accept liability. Similarly, in instances where an event attendee has suffered injury due to explicitly ignoring safety advice given by the OLGBT GROUP or an OLGBT GROUP volunteer, or through unreasonable behaviour, the OLGBT GROUP will not accept liability. It is the responsibility of volunteers to inform their motor insurance company that they are using their car in the act of volunteering. Some volunteers may only wish to participate in ad hoc activities in which case a review would not be appropriate.

All volunteers when engaging in OLGBT GROUP related activities are representatives of the organisation and should behave accordingly. Volunteers should not discriminate against any person for any reason and treat all people fairly and equally, with respect. Volunteers should allow others to express themselves and understand that all views are important even if they are not the same as their own – as long as no offence is caused even if unintentionally. Volunteers must understand that all forms of discrimination, including bullying and harassment are unacceptable and contravene OLGBT GROUP’s equal opportunities policy. If a volunteer has any concerns regarding any conduct they have come across or with the role/activities they are undertaking, or the policies, procedures or decisions of the OLGBT GROUP, they should contact their main OLGBT GROUP contact to discuss.

Equal Opportunities

The OLGBT GROUP aims to integrate diversity and equal opportunity into all of its activities, from key decisions on its mission and strategic objectives through to day-to-day operations. OLGBT GROUP does not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, disability, age, religion and belief, sexual orientation or other irrelevant distinction and we are committed to working with diversity in a wholly positive way to promote understanding, equality and inclusiveness. All volunteers will be expected to have an understanding of and commitment to this, our equal opportunities policy. They must employ it in their dealings with members of OLGBT GROUP and co-volunteers and any other individuals that they interact with during the course of their work with OLGBT GROUP.


Volunteers have the right to discuss any concerns they may have with the Volunteer Officer or their main OLGBT GROUP contact. If a complaint is received about a volunteer or a volunteer is found not to be adhering to OLGBT GROUP policies and procedures, the volunteer’s named contact will first discuss the issue and the surrounding circumstances. If an amicable solution cannot be found, the complaint maybe referred to a managerial level. In extreme cases, if the volunteer’s behaviour is deemed to be in conflict with OLGBT GROUP’s policies and procedures, the volunteer may be removed from the OLGBT GROUP volunteering roster.


Volunteers will be bound by the same requirements for confidentiality as other members. Where a volunteer is privy to confidential information through their work with the OLGBT GROUP, the need for confidentiality will be highlighted. When the volunteer role includes involvement with sensitive information and data they will be required to adhere to our data policy agreement.


Volunteers will be provided with a main point of contact upon joining the charity as a volunteer. It is this contact that a volunteer should keep informed of their activities, and contact for advice and support. Volunteers keep updated on policies and procedures from our website. Volunteers may be asked to complete feedback questionnaires to help the OLGBT GROUP monitor and evaluate volunteer activities.

 Volunteer Agreement

Relationship between the OLGBT GROUP and a Volunteer for the OLGBT GROUP recognises and fully appreciates that you as a Volunteer are giving up your free time to support our activities and there are responsibilities on both sides that should be adhered to. It is important for our Volunteers to understand what you can expect from the OLGBT GROUP and what will be expected of you as a Volunteer.

Volunteers can expect the OLGBT GROUP:

  • To provide you with a main point of contact so you know who to get in touch with for support, with queries, comments etc.
  • To provide you with induction information, including how the organisation works.
  • To provide a clear role profile explaining what you will be doing and why.
  • To provide you with appropriate resources and support for your activities.
  • To reimburse out of pocket expenses where pre-approved by the OLGBT GROUP.
  • To insure you against accidents during the course of your volunteering activities which are not your fault (on completion of a Risk Assessment).
  • To apply our equal opportunities policy so volunteering is open to all.
  • To keep you informed of possible changes to volunteering activities.
  • To update you on how your activities are making a difference.


As an OLGBT GROUP volunteer we expect you:

  • To be reliable and responsible.
  • To meet the commitments as detailed in the role profile, other than in exceptional circumstances, and provide reasonable notice so that alternative arrangement can be made.
  • To develop and maintain good relationships with other volunteers and members.
  • To adhere to all OLGBT GROUP policies, decisions and procedures, as detailed on our website.
  • To inform your main point of contact of activities you are undertaking.
  • Be mindful of your role as an ambassador to the OLGBT GROUP in your local community.

Note: this agreement is in honour only and is not intended to be a legally binding contract of employment.


Date accepted: 20/11/2020



Date of review 2022



Acknowledgement is made to the following websites that have helped with this policy: