We are delighted that the group has been awarded Active Communities funding of just over twelve thousand pounds for a two year project to promote social cohesion and help us in our main objective of combatting isolation and loneliness.

The grant from the People’s Health Trust will allow us to run creative arts workshops and organise outings over a two year period.

Our first outing was to Trentham Gardens at the end of September 2017 – our second was the opening night of Treasure Island at the New Vic Theatre

Printmaking Workshops

Deborah Rogers of the Cultural Sisters ran our first workshop on Printmaking at our November meeting,

The final Printmaking Workshop is 1.30 pm Wednesday 21 March at Art Stop, 108 Church Street Stoke ST4 1BU

Ceramic Workshops

Creative ceramic workshops with Jo Ayres and Alice have been a huge success. Feedback from participants has been universally positive…all participants rated the workshops as excellent, outstanding, brilliant, inspirational!


Next we have Singing Workshops with local artists Kate Barfield and Greg Stephens and Bread Making workshops with Bread in Common. Details coming soon

You don’t have to be a group member to participate in workshops or events…though we hope you will see the benefits of joining our friendly, inclusive group.

The Older LGBT Wellbeing Project is funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthFair through The Health Lottery


Email us for more details