Know Your Neighbourhood Celebration Event. Text only description of the promotional flyer for people with visual impairment.

Main Heading : Know Your Neighbourhood Celebration Event

Date: Tuesday 13th February 10:30am – 2.00pm

Venue: The Valiant Suite, Port Vale Football Stadium

The flyer is bright and vibrant with pastel coloured creative shapes in the background. There are three pictures:

A cartoon of a boat with musicians singing

A photograph of four indian dancers in traditional dress smiling

A picture of hands shaping coloured modelling clay

The words Fun! and Free! Are featured prominently in bursting coloured stars.

A montage of text in various coloured shapes says

Family friendly accessible activities

Free buffet lunch

Sing along with the Boat Band

Join in with Indian Dancing

Polymer Clay Modelling

In a box headed for further information it says


Contact: Alex Baines Tel: 07467062139

Email: [email protected]

Description of the footer of the flyer:

Heading: A community event supported by local organisations

There are small logos of partner organisations and funders – The Beth Johnson Foundation, MHA Communities North Staffordshire, North Midlands LGBT Older People’s Group, Young at Heart (Part of Father Hudson’s Care), Creative Lives, Know Your Neighbourhood Fund, Funded by UK Government, Lottery Funded – Supported using public funding by Arts Council England

Text below says A collaboration between four local charities – the Beth Johnson Foundation, Father Hudson’s Care, MHA Communities North Staffordshire and North Midlands LGBT Older People’s Group. Funded by Creative Lives.

End of Text description

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