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Collaboration, Connections, Communication and Creativity (The Four C’s Project)

Creative Lives have funded a unique opportunity for four local charities to work together to develop a creative programme to benefit diverse marginalised older populations. This includes : isolated older people who live alone; intergenerational groups; people from deprived areas; LGBTQ groups; people from ethnically diverse communities; people with poor mental health; and people from low-income households. Any beneficiary of the four charities can join in any of the four different activities.

This project aims to reduce loneliness and strengthen resilience and wellbeing in ageing communities by deliberately connecting people to places and spaces; enabling older people to play a full, active role in their community; promoting self-worth and independence. The four organisations working together on this project are:

The Beth Johnson Foundation

The Beth Johnson Foundation (BJF) is a local charity with a national presence dedicated to making ‘…a future for all ages’. Our focus is on pottery, and we are offering 8 half-day workshops for 12 participants to create variations of pottery (plant pots, small plates, polymer figures etc.); reducing social isolation and enhancing engagement for local older communities and young students from St Johns Primary school. These will be delivered at Parkfield House by local ceramicists.

Beth Johnson Foundation Website

Young at Heart – Part of Father Hudson’s Care

Father Hudson’s Care was established in 1902. As part of this creative programme, 10 Intergenerational Cookery sessions for up to 30 participants of all ages, involving the community and a local school have been planned. Using the waste food from the Co-op, all will be encouraged to share their experiences and creative ideas guided by a qualified food tech teacher to make the decisions on what meal will be cooked given the food provided.

Young at Heart on Father Hudson’s Care Webite

MHA Communities North Staffs

MHA Communities North Staffs aims to reduce loneliness and isolation in older people by helping them live life well. We’ve provided services and activities to connect communities through social interaction for over 30 years. As part of this programme, 5 sessions for 8 people to learn Indian cooking techniques with a local Indian chef have been arranged.

MHA Communities North Staffs Website

The North Midlands LGBT Older Peoples Group (OLGBT)

The North Midlands LGBT Older Peoples Group was formed in 2009. It’s a grass-roots organisation, run by it’s members. The group aims to combat loneliness and isolation for older LGBT+ people. For this creative programme, 8 polyphonic singing workshops are being organised which focus on positive mental health and togetherness.

Find out more on the OLGBT Website
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