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2005 – Civil Partnerships Begin

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 gave legal recognition to a relationship between two people of the same sex conferring almost all the same rights and responsibilities as civil marriage. The first civil partnerships were formed in December 2005.  The legislation was updated in 2019 to allow heterosexuals to form Civil Partnerships.

The Sentinel, published articles about local Civil Partnerships in 2006.

Sentinel Sunday – 13 August 2006

The Sentinel Sunday – 18 December 2006

Copyright Notice

The newspaper cuttings featured here are part of the personal collection of Andrew Colclough who is featured in the articles along with his late partner Ken Scholfield. Copyright belongs to the Sentinel Newsgroup except for the photos taken at the Civil Partnership ceremony which belong to Andrew Colclough . The news cuttings have been shared here by this post’s author, Andrew Colclough, on the basis of fair personal/non commercial use.

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