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Policies and Procedures

As a registered charity we need to have policies and procedures to manage our activities and comply with the law. Members and prospective members can download copies of our main policies and procedures from this page.

Code of Conduct

We ask all members and prospective members to abide by our code of conduct.  This helps create a safe space that is welcoming to all.

Download and read our Code of Conduct (Updated Oct 2023)


As a registered charity we are required by law to have a governing document that sets out the purpose of the charity, its structure and how it is governed. The North Midlands LGBT Older Peoples Group is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Our constitution follows a charity commission model and is a substantial document. Members should be aware of its content and refer to it when necessary.

Download and read our Constitution CIO 2019


The following policies help us manage the organisation and comply with relevant legislation

Updated October 2023

Bullying and Harassment Policy (Updated Oct 2023)

Complaints Policy (Updated Oct 2023)

Confidentiality Policy (New Policy Oct 2023)

Conflict of Interest Policy (Updated Oct 2023)

Equality and Diversity Policy (Updated Oct 2023)

Statement on Trans Inclusion (New Policy Oct 2023)

Safeguarding Policy (Updated Oct 2023)

Volunteering Policy (Updated Oct 2023)

Whistleblowing Policy (New Policy Oct 2023)

Undergoing Review

Our policies are reviewed at least once every two years.

Data Protection Policy 2021

Financial Controls Policy Aug 2021

Health and Safety Policy 2021

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