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Many LGBT+ people face issues around loneliness and isolation as they grow older.

The Support We Offer

The North Midlands Older LGBT Group aims to create a network of peer support to help combat loneliness and isolation.  We also help raise awareness of the issues affecting LGBT+ people so that local and national services can better meet our needs.

If you need to make new connections why not try our Meetings and Activities or get involved in a Project. For details of other services that can help please see our Links Page.

Our Voices

Local Charity Beth Johnson Foundation produced an interesting report called “Our Voices – The Experiences of People Ageing Without Children”.  Click here to download and read an electronic copy in pdf format.

Gen Silent

This video was made in the USA, but the issues it raises are just the same in the UK

Meet Me At Live Age

Members of LGBT Older People’s Group have been involved with the Live Age Festival from the start. We were delighted to take part in Meet Me At Live Age a two-year programme linking artists with community groups – including us.
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