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About LGBT+ History

As older LGBT+ people most of us have memories of times long before we achieved the rights that we enjoy in Britain today. This page is about LGBT+ history and why it is important.

There is plenty of evidence to tell us that there have always been human beings who engaged in same sex relationships, or who did not conform to conventional gender norms. The social climate these individuals lived in, and the language they had available to them, has changed significantly and continues to evolve. 

Exploring LGBT+ history is important because it helps us understand who we are and how our community was shaped by those who lived before us. It helps us recognise the roots of LGBT+ identities and how they continue to change.

As older LGBT+ people our lives have foundations that reach back into this history. It is important that we add our memories to  archives where there is presently so little that tells the story of previous generations of LGBT+ people.

We are creating a new timeline of local LGBT+ history for Stoke and Staffordshire. Please take a look and get in touch if you have any information or photos that we could add.

Our links page has some great sites for you to further explore LGBT + History. We have also included some general sites that can help with research.

We are currently engaged in various projects that explore aspects of LGBT+ history and identity.  We are actively seeking funding to help with a proposed future LGBT+ history project that will document the life stories of some of our group members.

In the posts below you can read about projects, activities and events exploring themes around LGBT+ history and identity. We also post about exciting additions to our timeline.

Potboiler – Gay Stoke

In GAY STOKE local theatre group Potboiler is embarking on a journey with older LGBTQ+ people from Stoke-on-Trent to discover and re-tell local stories of gay life…

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