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2019 – Wellbeing Project (Year 2)

We were delighted when the group was awarded Active Communities funding of just over twelve thousand pounds for a two year project to promote social cohesion and help us in our main objective of combatting isolation and loneliness.

The grant from the People’s Health Trust allowed us to run creative arts workshops and organise outings over a two year period.

In the second year of the project we repeated the popular ceramics and breadmaking workshops. We also ran an evaluation event where we created mandalas to represent what we had gained from the project.

We documented these in photo galleries that you will find listed below.


Deborah Rogers of The Cultural Sisters was commissioned by B-Arts to evaluate their work in a creative way. As a benficiary of B-Arts over the past few years, the OLGBT Group was pleased to engage with Deborah in her stimulating project involving the creation of ‘evaluation mandalas’.

In Februrary 2020, a small working group created rubber stamps which represented 21 statements posed by B-Arts. Our March 2020 meeting was devoted to using these stamps to create mandalas that indicated the impact of B-Arts on each person.

The first few pictures in this album show the statements with the stamps that represent them followed by a gallery of the mandalas. No individual used the first stamp that represented “I don’t think it made any difference to me”

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