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1972 – Police Target Keele Gay Lib Soc

In 1972 police targeted the Keele Gay Lib Soc as part of a wider campaign against local gay men. Over over the last eight months police had been compiling a dossier of all known gays in the Potteries.

1967 – Police Arrest Four Young Men

The first concerted police campaign against gay men under the new age of consent was in Staffordshire in the Autumn of 1967. Four youths were arrested and charged, one later committed suicide.

The Letter Men

Film poster for the Letter Men

The Letter Men is a window into the untold true story of two gay men – Gilbert and Gordon – desperately in love but torn apart by war.

Potboiler – Gay Stoke

In GAY STOKE local theatre group Potboiler is embarking on a journey with older LGBTQ+ people from Stoke-on-Trent to discover and re-tell local stories of gay life…

Who Is Molly Leigh

Through immersive music & storytelling, we will explore local history from the perspective of women and those excluded by society for being ‘different’ to find out, Who Is Molly Leigh?

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