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Zoom Meetings

During the Covid lockdowns we used Zoom to hold our group meetings online.  We have continued to use it as a means of keeping in touch in weeks when we have no in-person meetings.

What Is Zoom

Zoom is a form of video calling software. You can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to join Zoom meetings from your own home or anywhere you have internet access.

Zoom uses the video cameras on people’s devices so that they can see each other as well as hear the conversation. It is also possible to join a Zoom meeting by a regular telephone call, but you cannot see anyone and they cannot see you.

Joining Our Zoom Meetings

You can easily join our Zoom meetings using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has a video camera and microphone (most modern devices will have these)

  • We send our members and prospective members a Zoom link in our weekly mailing. You can subscribe here, please  tick the box for optional messages about meetings and activities when you subscribe.
  • When the meeting is due to start, open this message on the device you want to use and click the link
  • If you haven’t used Zoom before you will be prompted to download and install Zoom on your device
  • Agree to any request for permission to use your audio and camera
  • To exit the Zoom meeting, click the red phone icon or close the internet browser window

Note About Safety: Please take care with links in emails. Only click Zoom links that are clearly from us or other people that you know and trust.

Joining from a Landline Telephone

We can send you details of a number you can use to dial in to our Zoom meeting from a landline phone.  It is a national call rate number. When you ring, you will need to input a meeting ID and password to join the meeting.

Further Learning

You can test your internet connection, video camera and sound by joining a Zoom practice meeting 

Age UK have excellent digital skills learning resources including information about all types of video calling 

Discover Digital was originally funded by the UK Government Community Renewal Fund distributed through Stoke-on-Trent City Council. The project was led by Staffordshire University and  delivered in partnership with: Voluntary Action Stoke-on-Trent (VAST), Beth Johnson Foundation, Wavemaker, Stoke-North Big Local, WEA, Caudwell Children, Community Foundation for Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent College, YMCA, Dove Service and Keele University.

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